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Products & Services

We have everything to meet your livestock's needs!
Cattle Feed & Mineral
We are proud to carry Rowe Nutrition, Bartlett Milling,
Feed In A Drum & KayDee feed. Rowe nutrition offers great show feed for all livestock and will make custom blends to meet your needs. Bartlett Milling has a great variety of stocker pellets, mineral and more! Feed in a drum has large & small drums which is a great alternative to feeding grain and will provide your livestock with the essential minerals needed. KayDee is a high quality mineral that will satisfy your all of your herd's needs!

Axis Seed

We are excited to be a part of the Axis Seed team! Axis seed is a locally and independently owned corn & soybean company, contact us today to place your order!

Horse Feed & Products

At Buchanan Livestock Company we believe in offering our horses high quality ingredients so they can be the best athletes possible, that's why we have chosen to work with these companies!
We are proud to offer McCauley's Equine FormulaCavalor and Total Equine.
In addition to feed we also carry mineral blocks, crystalyx tubs, pine shavings and Easy pellet bedding.
We can also special order barn supplies, grooming products, tack and more from RJ Matthews, just let us know what you need!

Other livestock products:

We also carry a small selection of Hog,Rabbit Lamb, & Goat feed. However to insure that our products stay fresh we order these items by request only so please plan to place your order in advance.

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